Sophie’s erotic adventure

Sophie's erotic adventure asian porn story

Asian Porn Story: “Sophie! Sophie! Sophie!” the girls all chanted, egging on the gorgeous blonde.

The college junior looked at each of her friends in turn, but none of them showed the faintest interest in letting her off the hook. She might have been able to play boys like marionette dolls, but against three BFF’s her French charm was powerless. It was time to put up or shut up, and chickening out of the dare was not an option. Especially when she had a reputation at stake for being both ruthless and fearless.

“Allez. Pass it to me,” she huffed, impatient to get it over with.

“Here you go,” Filipa chirped, pressing a palm full of red into her hand, “My ex gave it to me last Christmas. It’s one size fits all, so it should fit you just fine.”

“Can’t imagine why he’s your ex!” she offered sarcastically, holding up the tacky Santa’s sexy little helper costume.

Actually, calling it a costume was giving it too much credit. It was really nothing more than a bra with sheer lace material hanging off it, together with an equally revealing matching g-string. As cheap as it was tasteless. One of those made in China costumes available online for a couple bucks.

“So,” Marie recapped, “the dare is…”

“…to go to the dirty old man down the hall,” Sophie interrupted, rolling her eyes, “and ask if he has a spare condom whilst wearing this classy outfit. Yes…I know…it was my idea in the first place.”

And without further ado, she unabashedly shed her clothes and slipped on the skimpy ensemble. The transparent red baby doll was open at the front and barely reached her navel. And being so short, it did nothing to hide the tiny g-string. Very little was left to the imagination, and Sophie’s fit athletic body looked like the hottest Christmas present a guy could want. Her perky tits and visible runway strip just begging to be unwrapped and played with.

“Woohoo,” Abigail hooted, slapping one of her friend’s exposed butt cheeks. “Careful you don’t give the old timer a heart attack!”

And they all had a good laugh. After a week cooped up at home with families it was needed, and the girls were happy to be reunited again in the big city, letting their hair down for a belated Christmas party. Loud music, flowing alcohol, and good central heating ensuring that their holiday spirit wasn’t dampened by the miserable winter weather howling outside. A worthy dry run for their planned house party to welcome in 2004 with a bang.

With a mischievous collective energy they went to the front door. Holding it open ajar, the blonde popped her head out first, like a gopher checking the coast was clear, before the other three heads followed. They all paused for a moment, looking down the long creepy corridor that hadn’t been renovated since the 70’s and could have been straight out of The Shining. It was mercifully empty, but still sent a chill up Sophie’s spine as she left the safety of the apartment and briskly tip toed down the stained and dated carpet, three giggling flatmates watching behind.

“Shh!” she hissed back conspiratorially, arriving in front of apartment 509.

A reverent silence settled across the voyeurs as Sophie took a moment to compose herself. Rearranging the see-through costume in vain, and going over how she would ask for the condom. Unsure if it was best to keep it short and to the point, or elaborate and explain the dare to justify her clearly inappropriate behavior. Would he even have one at his age? But preparing to knock, music seeping from behind the door stopped her dead.

‘Fly Away…?!?’ she thought, recognizing one of her favorite songs.

That didn’t seem right…there was no way the old man was listening to the cool beats of Lenny Kravitz. Something was wrong. She looked back at her friends, raising her shoulders in confusion.

“Go on…chicken…” Marie jeered.

Sophie’s French pride wouldn’t let her back down, so she turned back to the faded brass numbering, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. Gathering up her courage, and with butterflies in her tummy, she rapped the door.

From somewhere inside there was the sound of movement. Then relaxed footsteps. And finally, the door swung open.

She froze.


“Hello…” the man standing at the door croaked.

“You’re…not…the…old…man…” Sophie stuttered, disorientated.

“Depends on what you mean by old…does 23 count?” he joked, with an expression between curiosity and wonderment. “I just moved in. Perhaps you are looking for the previous tenant?”

‘Or perhaps this is all a dream,’ he thought, discreetly pinching himself.

“Oui…yes…I was expecting the previous tenant…” she replied with an expression between shock and embarrassment.

He was handsome. Really handsome. Not tall at 5″8, but from the way he filled his shirt, in good shape. And then there were his deep blue eyes, which had an intelligence and reassuring kindness that made her feel warm and tingly. Except, as they took her in from top to bottom, she could see questions multiplying in them, and the full force of her predicament hit.

“Oh God! It’s not what you’re thinking!” Sophie suddenly blurted out, a hand going to her mouth and the other to her chest. “Jamais! Not with…Wow. This must look really bad. Ahah…let me explain. Merde. So…I live just down the hall…” she pointed.

He took a step and leaned forward. Following her finger to see the open door at the end of the corridor behind which her giggling flatmates had just vanished.

“…with three college friends…all girls by the way…and we were playing a drinking game. Not that I’m a regular drunk or anything! Ha. Although, I guess technically I was breaking the law since I’m only 21 in a few months. Anyway, I lost. So they gave me a dare…”

And as she rambled, trying to justify herself, she unconsciously moved her hair to one side, the way it looked best.

“…and, since I’m single, they thought it would be funny to make me ask the old man for a condom. Dressed like this…which is totally my friends outfit. Like I would wear this! Although here I am…wearing it…and there you are…” she faded, leaving the sentence hanging, suddenly unsure of what to say next. Suddenly conscious of her ridiculous outfit and what an immature hussy she must have looked like.

The amused neighbor took his time in responding, seemingly enjoying himself, weighing up his options. The silence long enough that Sophie began to doubt herself.

‘God you sound desperate,’ she scolded herself. ‘And you’re coming across like a juvenile bimbo. And what if he already has a girlfriend? What if she’s inside? Quel imbécile Soph!’

“So…you need a condom to win a dare?” he finally said, smiling, “I can have a look to see if I have one. Please feel free to come inside so that you are not standing in the corridor dressed like… well… so you are not stuck in the corridor. I’ll be right back.”

She watched his yummy jean clad butt disappear down the hallway. Curious, she hesitantly stepped inside and looked around the immediate surroundings for clues. There were a bunch of boxes scattered around, some car keys, and not much else to go on. He was obviously still unpacking. Sophie quickly tallied up what little data she had. He was gorgeous, fit, listened to cool music, had a decent apartment, and a car. He was also kind, intelligent, interesting and probably volunteered at the local soup kitchen when he wasn’t off saving animals (although she was prepared to admit that those last few points were more hunch than fact). And judging from the delicious aroma wafting out of the kitchen, he knew how to cook. Basically, a serious catch! And the lack of female signs suggested, crucially, that he might be available.

“So…” she called out, laying on her sexy French accent and rolling her words a little more than usual, “new to the big apple or just moving apartment?”

“Just moving,” he called back from his bedroom. “My new partner and I decided to share a flat to save money this year.”

The words hit her like a sledgehammer. Shattering her incipient daydream into a million pieces.

“Oh,” she managed, winded, “where…where…is she?”

The disappointment in her voice was obvious as she bent down and regretfully sifted through the nearest box, ruing what could have been.

“HE…” came a voice from right behind, “…is my graduate program lab partner. And HE arrives after New Year’s.”

Sophie whirled in surprise. Embarrassed at having been caught going through his stuff. Energized that he might indeed be single. And confident that he would have been ogling her irresistible naked derrière.

And there they stood. A yard apart. He holding up a condom, and she dressed like a Christmas slut. Sexual tension electrifying the air. Neither one wanting her to leave.

“Smells good,” she finally managed.

“Nothing fancy, just my mum’s secret pasta sauce with penne. I hadn’t planned on company.”

“Is that an invitation?” she asked coquettishly, biting her lip.

“Si tu veux?” He shot back with a promising grin.

“Tu parle français?”

“School French only I’m afraid, though I’m keen to improve it.”

And for the first time she realized that his accent was rather hard to place. Definitely not American. More British, but not quite. An international man of mystery perhaps?

“Hmm,” she purred in approval, “let me go and change…and I’ll be right back.”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” he interjected light-heartedly, “It looks like The Shining out there. And I hear mad college girls are roaming the corridors. It would be irresponsible of me to let you leave.”

“Is that so?” she giggled, swaying on the spot like a shy school girl.


His cool CD mix provided the perfect sound track for their improvised candle lit dinner. Barely more than strangers, yet already oddly familiar. Laughing at each other’s jokes, discovering each other’s backgrounds, delighting in each other’s company. A bottle of Napa red nearly empty as they stared into each other’s eyes like love-struck teenagers.

“Oh, I love this song,” she gushed, humming along to the infectious beat of Erykah Badu.

And to her surprise he stood up and held out his hand, inviting her to dance.

“I don’t want you to get the wrong impression,” she said flirtatiously, taking it, “I’m not usually this kind of girl.”

“Don’t worry, I promise I don’t have the wrong impression,” he replied, taking her in his arms. “I’m not usually this kind of guy either.”

“Good. Because I want you to take me seriously,” she pouted.

“And I want to take you seriously,” he reassured, gently pushing strands of hair out of the way, pulling her in tight, savoring the feel of her firm young body as he lifted her chin.

It started tenderly. Each exploring the other’s lips. Getting used to their feel and taste. Buzzing at the excitement of being with someone new. Then as familiarity developed and intentions became clearer, it heated up. Becoming more passionate. And tentative touching turned to firm groping. Until finally his strong hands wrapped around her bare cheeks and lifted her up.

Sophie’s long legs wrapped tightly around his waist as they crashed blindly out of the dining room. Bouncing down the hallway, a trail of destruction in their wake. Springs then groaned as they hit the bed with a need that neither had ever known. Four hands working furiously, sending garments flying through the air.

And like separated magnetics being re-joined, they snapped back together. An undeniable chemistry, like they were made for each other. The hot blonde moaning as her erect pink nipples were rolled, first with a finger and then with a tongue. Arching her back as the lips then trailed down her flat tummy, slid between her legs, separated her smooth inner thighs, and began to lap against her ready slit.

“Oh Yes,” she groaned, as bolts of electricity shot up her spinal cord.

Grabbing his straight brown hair, she rolled and bucked her hips aggressively, pressing against his expert tongue and fingers as they worked her into ecstasy. His technique so much more refined and effective than the boys she had been with previously.

“Oh God, I’m not going to last long,” she panted, “I need you inside me.”

“The condom?” he asked frantically, wiping away the juice that was dripping down his chin.

“Shit…I’ll be right back…don’t go anywhere!” he implored, darting out of the room.

Sophie devoured his naked body as it passed into the light of the corridor before disappearing, unrestrained primeval desire coursing through her veins. A need so intense that it was almost painful. And although it was not the first time in her life that she had felt that way, it was different. Rather than just raw animal lust, there was something else bubbling up from deep within. Something stronger. Something beyond the purely physical. A deep craving that she didn’t even know existed until that moment. Burning up, she reached down and stroked through her soaked slit, every second of his absence seeming like an eternity.

Her hungry blue eyes tracked his every move as he returned. Then the world ceased to exist as he yanked her into position, nudged her legs apart, and penetrated powerfully. Nestling in the nook of his shoulder blade, she let herself go. Offering herself to him without reservation.

And he was the perfect lover. As if he could read her mind and body. Knowing exactly what she needed and how to give it. Steady measured thrusts that were perfectly timed to build her higher and higher towards a level of ecstasy far beyond what she had experienced before. The perfect mixture of dominance and tenderness. Every movement driving her closer and closer to the edge.

“Plus fort.” she begged, “Harder.”

Sophie had never felt so connected to another human, and the intensity was overwhelming. Closing her eyes she cried out as an explosive orgasm hit. Shuddering in rapture, understanding for the first time what it meant to be made love to. Not just fucked. Not just cumming. But to join another soul in perfect harmony.

Her magnificently tight pussy clamping down hard as she convulsed around the shaft lodged within, coaxing it to mutual release. Unable to hold back any longer, and with goose bumps erupting down his spine, he pumped deep into the most incredible woman he had ever met. Shooting his load so hard it hurt. His satisfaction total as he emptied himself into the gorgeous writhing blonde. Until, completely spent and sweaty, he collapsed on top of her.

And there they lay. Sophie playfully tracing the contours of his back, until, scooting out from under him, she looked straight into his deep blue eyes.

“Hi. Je m’appelle Sophie.”

“Bonjour Sophie. I’m Alex.”



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