Two on One

Two on One sexy asian story

Asian Sex Story: It was a long business trip and I was thankful it was almost over as the cab turned onto my street. I missed my wife, my bed and having time to myself at the end of the day. That doesn’t happen when you’re on site with a client, helping get their facility up and running. The two week project for me turned into nearly two months due to unforeseen problems on the clients end. Fortunately my company put me up in a nice condo with a beautiful view and amazing amenities but I was hardly there more than a few hours to sleep and shower before I had to be back on the job. It was incredibly stressful and demanding so being moments from home was an incredible relief.

Seeing Erica’s car in the driveway was a bit of a surprise since it was still early afternoon and she usually didn’t get home before 6:00 pm or later from her job. I’d been looking forward to some ‘welcome home’ sex and it appeared I’d be getting it sooner than later. My dick was rising to the occasion as I carried my bags to the front door. I rang the bell rather than using my key to surprise her. When the door opened and I saw Erica’s face go from shock to joy, everything that I had endured was washed away in the warmth of her embrace. She nearly drove her tongue down my throat as we kissed like teenagers on the porch for I don’t know how long and I didn’t care.

I managed to get my bags in the door between gasps for air and moments of Erica crying then giggling from being so happy I’d returned. She shut the door and we were lip locked again. She was trembling in my arms and I was relieved to be home.

“I missed you sooo much!” she said between flurries of kisses.

“I missed you too,” I replied, trying to lift her tank top over her head unsuccessfully.

“Slow down, baby,” she giggled while keeping my hands at bay.

Erica twisted out of my arms and ran to the kitchen. I pursued. It had been two months since I’d had sex with anyone other than my right hand and I was in serious need of release. She was standing at the fridge, removing a couple beers when I ran my hands around her waist from behind. I quickly slide them up her flat, toned stomach to her perky B cup breast. She let out a soft moan then spun around to face me.

“Take it easy John. Here have a beer,” offering me a chilled bottle.

“I’ll drink this later,” placing the bottle on the counter, “But first I need something else.” I kissed along her shoulder to her neck while holding her tight. I wasn’t going to let her get away again.

“John…We can’t right here…”

“Don’t let me stop you,” a voice from behind me said, “I like to watch.”

I felt a knot form in my stomach as I looked over my shoulder. Standing at the boundary between the kitchen and family room was a short blonde woman in her twenties with several tattoos covering her arms and body. She smiled devilishly at me and my wife while holding a pair of skimpy bathing suits. Her long hair fell to her waist in lazy curls. She would probably be considered petite if it wasn’t for her pregnant belly and the associated extra padding that comes with that condition. Her outfit did little to hide her body either. The denim cut offs, lime green tights and platform pumps were just the beginning. The white tank top she wore was stretched so tightly over her large breasts and ripe belly that the material appeared almost transparent. She’s very pretty though but it took me a moment to realize who she was.

“Kerry?” I asked; still not ready to release my wife, “What’re you doing here?”

“Erica said I could stay with you guys until my new roommate is out of her lease and we can move in together,” she replied nodding to her sister.

I slowly turned my gaze from Kerry to Erica, “Oh really?”

Erica gave me a half hearted smile and offered me another bottle, “Are you sure you wouldn’t like a beer now?”

It had been six years since I’d seen Kerry at our wedding. Erica had made her eighteen year old sister a bride’s maid but Kerry seemed very disinterested in it. I’d gotten the impression Kerry didn’t like me all that much because I was taking her sister away from her. Although they were four years apart in age, the two had been very close growing up. In fact Erica was the one who helped keep Kerry in line. Kerry had a wild streak to her and Erica was the calming element that kept her younger sister from getting into too much trouble. Even when Erica attended college a few hours from her home, she had to make frequent trips back to help deal with her sister who was driving her parents crazy.

Once Erica and I were married and she moved in with me here in California, Kerry went wild. She left home and no one knew what she was up to until a year ago when Erica got an email from Kerry saying she was living in Los Angeles with some guy in a band. Erica made several attempts to see her sister but Kerry would always cancel at the last minute, giving some weak excuse. Apparently something had change since she was now standing in my family room, pregnant and homeless.

Kerry walked over to us and gave me a hug. At 5′-4″ she’s a good four inches shorter than her sister and twice that in comparison to me. Erica is tall and lean with an athletic build like their mother, whereas Kerry is smaller and curvier; even more so of the latter now. Feeling her big boobs pressed against me didn’t help my aching hard-on.

“I’ll leave you two alone. I just wanted your opinion on which suit I should wear to tan in?” I assumed Kerry was directing that question to her sister because I don’t think I could’ve given a rational answer.

“I don’t know why you even bother with one of those. You’ll have it off as soon as you lay down out there,” Erica replied.

“Well I didn’t want you freaking out again when you see me naked in your back yard,” Kerry turned and headed for the stairs, “Nice to see ya again John.”

I didn’t answer. I just watched her swaying hips and bouncing ass as she walked up the stairs. My cock was throbbing but I needed answers from my wife. How long had Kerry been here? How long was she staying? Was she going to have the baby before she moved out? All these questions and more raced through my mind as I turned to my wife. I think she could tell I needed answers and had me sit down at the table.

Erica told me Kerry just showed up on our door step about three weeks ago. Funny she didn’t mention that the many times we talked or texted while I was gone. She’d been kicked out by the father of her child or at least the one suspected of being the father, prior to him leaving on tour for the next six months or so. She was working at a local strip club as a dancer until she was showing too much baby bump to be on stage. Now she served cocktails there until the baby comes.

“Well when is that supposed to be?” I asked.

“She’s in her third trimester.”

“And that means…?”

“Kerry is seven and a half months along from what she tells me,” Erica replied, “So she’s still got some time to go.”

I shook my head and put my face in my hands. My company is giving me roughly two months of working from home to make up for my extended business adventure. I didn’t have to do much but review reports and have the occasional conference call or video meeting to keep up with things. Other than that I could do whatever I wanted. The prospect of having Erica’s beautiful and very pregnant sister running around was going to be challenging for me.

“Don’t worry…She’s gonna be outta here in a few weeks once her roommate is out of her lease,” Erica said, seeing my frustration as I looked up at her.

“Yes, I heard her say that…It’s just…”

“Let me know when you want to start dinner and I’ll give you a hand,” Kerry interrupted on her way to the back yard.

She wore a see through swim wrap and that was all. I had a hard time tearing my eyes away from her bouncing tits as she closed the sliding glass door and proceeded to lay a towel out on my back lawn. That was enough for me.

I took Erica by the hand and pulled her from her chair toward the stairs. I led her to our room and kicked the door shut behind me. Before she could say a word I literally ripped her tank top off and tossed her on the bed. She shrieked then giggled as I buried my face in her boobs; licking and sucking while trying to undo her pants. She had better luck with mine and quickly had them at my knees. I relinquished my efforts on her skinny jeans and rolled to my back to remove my jeans and t-shirt. I finished and went to resume my assault on Erica’s tits, that’s when I saw her high waist panties and the distinct bulge of a feminine pad concealed within.

“You’ve got to be kidding!” I all but shouted.

“I’m sorry honey, I just started,” she said then whispered, “Don’t worry; I’ll take care of you other ways.”

When Erica is on her period, we don’t have sex; it ‘grosses her out.’ She will sometimes give me a hand job and on the rare occasion a blow job but that’s about it. I broached the anal subject but was immediately turned away. This is just great. It’s been two months without sex and now I have to wait even longer. Add to that her hot pregnant sister running around in slutty, see through outfits or totally naked. I wonder if it’s possible to actually die from blue balls? Her hand slowly stroked my throbbing cock as she kissed my neck and ear.

“I’m gonna need more than a hand job,” I flatly stated.

She gave me a reluctant look then shifted position on the bed. I jumped then moaned the moment her warm wet mouth encircled my cock, it felt so good after so long without. Her tongue played at the tip then she took more of me into her mouth. I groaned louder. She bobbed up and down while her hand continued to stroke my shaft. I wasn’t going to last long after all the stimuli I’d received in the previous half hour. I felt the onset of my orgasm and so did Erica. She released me from her mouth and stroked me faster. I erupted, shooting my cum against her chin and throat. Some splashed on her tits while the remainder leaked over her pumping fist. As soon as I relaxed, she released me and made a bee line for our bathroom to clean up. I was happy for the release that didn’t come by my own hand yet was a bit let down by Erica’s attitude toward oral sex. She’d let me cum in her mouth once, a very long time ago but hadn’t since. It felt as if it was a chore that she really didn’t want to do but I think I deserved it considering I’d been gone so long and didn’t immediately reject her sister staying with us.

Erica returned with a warm wash cloth and cleaned me up before curling up at my side. It felt good having her there and I tried not to dwell on the current situation which allowed me to relax enough to drift off to sleep. When I awoke, Erica was gone so I decided to take a shower before dinner. I turned on the water and stepped under the warm flow. Steam quickly filled the room and I took my time letting the water sooth my fatigued muscles. I was standing, facing the nozzle with my eyes closed when I heard the shower door open then close. Erica’s hands caressed my back then moved around to my chest. I could feel her boobs smashed against my lower back while her hands roamed over my front. One played with my left nipple as the other closed around my cock.

I dropped my head and opened my eyes to watch her tiny hand stroking me again through the steamy air. She stroked faster and I moaned while watching her tattooed arm flexing back and forth. ‘Wait a minute…tattoos?’ Kerry spun me around and knelt, smiling up at me. Her mouth opened and took my cock inside.

“HEY!” I shouted as I sat up, looking around our room.

“What’s the matter John?” Erica asked with a concerned look on her face.

She was still lying by my side in just her underwear. It was a dream. My cock was rock hard again. I wasn’t going to push my luck and ask for another blow job but I was sweating so a shower and possibly a jerking would have to do. I glanced at the clock. It was nearly 6:00 pm.

“Nothing’s wrong,” I sighed, lying back down, “I just had one of those ‘falling’ dreams. I’m gonna take a shower, care to join me?” I cocked my eyebrow and gave Erica a sly smile.

“No…I’m gonna get dinner started,” she replied rolling out of bed, “Take your time.”

I waited for her to leave then sat up, disappointed. I looked down at my once again throbbing penis and shook my head.

“Well it looks like it’s just you and me again buddy,” I stated as I stood and entered our bathroom.


Erica made spaghetti with her incredible meat sauce, garlic bread and a garden salad for dinner. Apparently Kerry ‘helped’ with the bread but didn’t stay after dinner to help clean up because she had a shift at the club that night. Erica and I took care of the dishes and sat on the couch, sipping some wine while watching a movie. She had taken the day off to go with her sister to the doctor and run some errands with Kerry so Erica wanted to call it an evening early. We were in bed by ten but I couldn’t sleep.

I kept looking at the clock again and again but I wasn’t tired. My body was several time zones off right now. I heard Kerry return home around 1:30 am. My mind was still racing at 2:00 so rather than toss and turn and disturb Erica, I decided to get some work done. I threw on my favorite sweat pants and quietly left our room.

In the hall, I could hear muffled sounds coming from the room Kerry occupied. It was very late and curiosity got the better of me as I tiptoed to her closed door. I heard soft whimpers and moans mixed with the steady hum of what sounded like a powerful vibrator. My mind drew a picture of Kerry, naked on her bed, legs spread as she plunged the buzzing toy in and out of her wet pregnant pussy. My cock was hard in no time. I caressed the bulge in my sweats as I continued to listen. Her cries became louder and closer together and I knew she must be nearing orgasm. I wanted to pull my cock out and jerk off right there but I was afraid she might hear me. Kerry cried out in ecstasy and I listened to her ride out her orgasm. I was lost in fantasy land when she became suddenly quiet then I heard the bed squeak as if she was getting up. I panicked. As quickly and quietly as possible, I dashed for the stairs. I got to the bottom and froze when light from her room filled the hallway above me. I didn’t move until I heard the door to the guest bathroom close.

I let out a sigh of relief as I walked to my office. I poured a whiskey and sank into my comfy leather chair. As I waited for my computer to boot up, I couldn’t stop thinking of what I’d just heard upstairs. Taking a sip of the potent liquor, I tried to silence Kerry’s cries echoing in my head. The computer beeped telling me it was ready, drawing my attention briefly but I couldn’t get Kerry out of my mind. Downing the last of my drink in frustration, I focused on the screen.

I’m not sure who I was kidding but I didn’t get more than a couple lines filled out for my expense report before I closed the document. I poured another whiskey and began searching the internet for pregnant porn. Surprisingly I found lots. It didn’t take long to locate a young pregnant woman, who had a modest resemblance to Kerry, getting fucked by an older man. I had my cock in hand stroking to this new found kink of mine and enjoying it greatly. When the woman turned over onto her hands and knees, I was really close to letting loose. The guy was slamming into her so hard I thought it would be painful for her but she was loving it. The man grunted and drove deep into her. She was moaning loudly and begging him to cum inside her. He did just that and when he pulled out, leaving a pearly ribbon of cum trickling from her gaping pussy, I lost it. Cum exploded from my cock, arching through the air and landing on my bare chest. I moaned while feverishly pumping my stiff shaft. When I was finally spent, I relaxed back into my chair, breathing heavily. In the hazy afterglow from such a powerful orgasm, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw movement at my door. I quickly turned but no one was there except a reflection of me, at my desk, in the mirror hanging on the wall.

I looked down at my cum splattered chest and sighed. Grabbing some tissues, I mopped up the mess as best I could then tossed them in the waste basket. Between the alcohol, masturbation and late hour, I finally felt tired enough to sleep. Turning off the light in my office, I climbed the stairs and went to bed.


I woke up late and although still tired, I got up anyway. I wanted to get my body back on a normal schedule as soon as possible. Erica had already left for work and didn’t manage to disturb me. She had made coffee and there was still two thirds of a pot left. I poured a cup and carried it to my office. Back in my chair, I opened the report I started last night. I couldn’t help thinking about the video I jerked off to. I forced it from my mind and a couple hours later I was done with my expense report, two corrective action documents and some engineering changes I thought were necessary for our client to implement. It was now 1:30 in the afternoon and I was starving.

In the kitchen I made a sandwich, grabbed a beer and some chips and went to the family room to watch some TV. I could hear the hot tub running and looked out to see why. Kerry was sitting in the bubbling water up to her neck. Her eyes were closed and she had a strange look on her face. It wasn’t until I realized where she was sitting that I understood her expression. There are jets around the walls of the tub and two rows along the bottom following the contour of the lounge portion where she’s at. It didn’t take a genius to figure out she must have one of those jets pointed at her pussy. Erica discovered that trick shortly after we got the hot tub and I love watching her get herself off that way.

Kerry’s head tilted back as she pushed her breasts together, forcing the tops of them out of the water. She brought one nipple to her mouth while her right hand twisted and pulled at the other. I was captivated. She started rocking forward and back when she gasped and her erect nipple was freed. I was so caught up seeing my sister-in-laws breasts that I didn’t notice her staring right at me. When I did it was too late. She was in the throes of orgasm and I couldn’t look away. Obviously she had no problem with being watched; I guess that’s why she’s a stripper or at least she had been. I turned away out of embarrassment but when the hot tub got quiet, I looked back to see Kerry climbing out. She was totally naked (big shocker there) but she wasn’t in any hurry to cover herself as she dried off. In fact she bent at the waist to dry her legs knowing her ass and pussy were on full display to me.

Kerry entered the house holding her towel in front of her as she continued to dry the ends of her hair. I must have been beet red when she passed in front of me. She gave me a naughty smile on her way to the stairs; my eyes followed hungrily. There was nothing covering her backside at all. Before climbing the stairs, Kerry looked over her shoulder at me.

“Did you enjoy the show?” she asked with that same mischievous smile on her face.

She didn’t wait for me to answer but I’m sure she knew I was still watching. I swear she exaggerated the sway of her hips as she left. ‘Holy Shit! What am I gonna be like in a few weeks with her around?’ I pondered. She must have a friend she can stay with. This is not a good situation. My pounding cock was threatening actions on its own accord if I didn’t get a grip on this problem (no pun intended). ‘Maybe I should just go back to work,’ I thought but I deserve this time off. I’m going to need a lot of ‘help’ from Erica once her monthly friend is gone.

I’m not sure how much time had passed when Kerry came back down stairs dressed for work; if what she was wearing could be defined as ‘dressed’. The brightly colored tank top she had on barely contained her big boobs. The scandalously short mini skirt was also having problems covering her womanly parts let alone her round ass. I guess she felt the black fishnets would contain the short comings of her skirt. I couldn’t tell if she was actually wearing panties. I was gawking way too much. Her hair was teased out into a wild mane and it looked like she had taken her make-up tips from street walkers. She stepped into her clear platform shoes before heading toward the door.

“I’m off to work,” she announced while checking her glossy red lips in the mirror across from the door to my office.

I just waved. My mouth was probably hanging open with my tongue on the floor. I like seeing women dress slutty, I don’t know why. I’m sure it’s a guy thing. Erica rarely puts on things that would be considered racy; she’d never dress like that in our bedroom and definitely not go out in public looking like a hooker. I hope my neighbors don’t think I’m having prostitutes over to my house.

My wife got home at her usual time and was practically bouncing off the walls. I hadn’t seen Erica this excited after work since she was promoted to the marketing team at her company. I think the bump in pay was more of a contributing factor to her excitement than the title though.

“John! You’re not gonna believe what happened,” she started.

“You saw your sister standing on the street corner at the entrance of our tract?” I shot back sarcastically.

“What? No…I’m going to Chicago!”

“Whoa…Wait a minute. Why are you going to Chicago?”

“Nancy broke her ankle and wrist in a car accident over the weekend,” she replied with disturbing excitement.

“Who’s Nancy and why does that mean you have to go to Chicago?”

“Nancy is the marketing director and she can’t go to the trade show in Chicago next week because of her injuries so Will asked me to take her place. Isn’t that great!”

I know how long Erica has wanted to be a part of the trade show her company attends each year but the timing of it was not good. I really hate Will right now but it wasn’t her bosses fault.

“When do you leave?” I asked in a mono tone voice.

“Friday…Can you take me to the airport?”

“Sure…Why not?” I shrugged, “When do you come back?”

“The following Saturday. I get in late so I can get an Uber home,” she said, “Hey…Why don’t we go out for dinner tonight and celebrate?”

Rising from the couch, “Sounds good, I’ll go change.”

I had to admit I was happy for Erica. This could mean big things in the future for her. I’m just being selfish putting my needs before hers and I know it. Still, the thought of another week without sex and her out of the house for all that time is beginning to worry me. At dinner I tried to bring up that subject tactfully but I’m not sure she saw it that way.

“I don’t know why you’re so worried about Kerry. She’s a big girl. She can take care of herself while I’m gone,” Erica seemed perturbed.

“I’ve been home just over a day and I’ve already seen your sister naked…Twice! That doesn’t bother you?” I left out the part about watching her masturbate in the hot tub.

“John, she’s family,” Erica took a sip of wine, “And she’s pregnant…Why should that bother me?”

Maybe because your husband has a raging case of blue balls and Kerry isn’t helping that at all by dressing slutty or running around the house naked! I really wanted to say that but instead I kept my cool.

“Well then could you possibly talk to her about getting dressed at the club so our neighbors don’t think terrible things about me? For God sake she looked like a common whore when she left home today.”

Erica scooted closer to me and placed her hand in my crotch, “Is my slutty little pregnant sister getting you all worked up?”

I had to be careful how I answered, “She sure isn’t helping things. Remember it’s been over two months now for me.”

“You keep reminding me of that. It’s been two months for me as well!” she blustered, her tone then softened, “When I get back from Chicago I’m gonna fuck you like there’s no tomorrow.” She gave me a squeeze for emphasis, “So until then, enjoy the show. If it makes you feel better, throw some one dollar bills at her.”

“I don’t think I should encourage her!”

We both laughed.


Erica gave me another blow job that evening in hopes it would curb my desires. It did to a limited degree but I was still thinking about Kerry. It is hard for me to believe how different Erica and Kerry are. How could two women raised by the same parents be so different? It’s not like Erica is a prude, she’s just not as in touch with her inner slut. Kerry on the other hand can make a slut blush.

The rest of the week played out very much the same as when I first arrived home. It took a couple nights before I was sleeping normal again. When I couldn’t sleep I would go down stairs and work (and view porn) or watch TV until I was tired enough to return to bed. And each of those nights I could hear Kerry doing battle with her vibrator. During the day I’d see her in a little more clothing than I did at first. Erica did talk to her. But now Erica was leaving for a week. God help me!

I dropped Erica off at the airport around mid morning Friday. A matinee at the movies sounded good to me and it would keep me out of the house and hopefully out of trouble for one more day. I know it wasn’t the answer to the problem but it did help take my mind off it.

Later when I got home, Kerry wasn’t around. I figured she was at work so I had some time to myself. I did some work then made a quick dinner before crashing in front of the TV for the evening. I was in bed by eleven and it felt good to be back on a normal sleep schedule.

I awoke around 1:30 am when Kerry got home. She went to her room for a few minutes then crossed the hall to shower. I refrained from peering down the hall to catch a glimpse of her. It wasn’t long before I heard Kerryfire up her vibrator for her nightly play time. The difference was I could hear it very clearly from my room. I got out of bed and looked down the hall. Her door was open a few inches. Before I knew it I was creeping along the hallway.

I eased up to her door being careful to stay in the shadows. The smell of her fruity body wash mixed with the scent of her arousal wafted into the hall. My dick was instantly hard. Her body glistened as I got my first look inside her room. She was on her back, lying diagonally on the bed with her head at the far side and her feet closest to the door.

Her legs were spread wide and I could see the slim black dildo sliding in and out of her creamy pussy as she held a vibrating wand to her clit. Her moans were getting louder and I was expecting her to cum at any moment then she suddenly rolled over and pushed herself up onto her hands and knees. The dildo was still inside her but she set the vibrator aside. I watched as Kerry rested her shoulders on the mattress and reaches between her legs to play with her clit and drive the dildo in and out of her dripping pussy. I pulled my cock out and began to stroke it even though I knew, ‘That isn’t a good idea.’

“Oh ya…Fuck me! I know you want it!” Kerry tells her imaginary lover.

The wet slurping sound her pussy was making each time the dildo slid out was so erotic and her lust filled words were definitely having an effect on me. I could feel myself rushing toward a big release. Out of the blue she says something that causes me to freeze in panic.

“That’s it John, fuck me. Give me that big dick of yours!”

Has she seen me? Does she hear me? Does she know I’m watching her? If she does, I’m not sure because she came very hard at that moment and I used that distraction to retreat to my bed. I could hear her crying out and when I touched my cock again, I came so hard I thought I would pass out. I kept my teeth clenched so I don’t scream and alert Kerry to what I was doing. I was covered in sweat and cum…again. I waited a few minutes before cleaning up in hopes Kerry would be on her way to dream land when I got out of bed to go to the bathroom. My sweats were a mess too so I tossed them in the hamper. I cleaned the cum off my body and went back to bed.

The next morning I woke surprisingly refreshed but with a very guilty conscience. I don’t know if Kerry knew I was watching last night so I was going to have to play it cool when I saw her. If she did know, that opened a whole other can of worms. Would she tell her sister? Would she hold it over my head for her own gain? These were questions I didn’t have the answers for and I was hoping I didn’t need them.

I was in the garage, preparing to do some laundry when Kerry made an appearance. She was carrying a basket of her dirty clothes. My cum stained sweats were on the top of the pile I was working on and I tried to nonchalantly hide them.

“I didn’t realize you’re doing laundry too,” she said, setting her basket next to mine, “Why don’t you let me do yours and mine together? It’ll save time and water.”

“That’s okay; I can handle this little bit…”

“Nonsense, it’s the least I can do for you. You are allowing me to stay here rent free,” Kerry was urging me to the door and to my surprise I was complying, “I’ll have it done in no time.”

The door to the garage closed and I was left standing there with my mouth agape. Unless she’s blind, Kerry will see the stains and I’m sure that girl knows what dried cum looks like. I just had to pray she didn’t make a big deal out of it. I decided I needed to keep busy and out of her immediate vicinity.


I finished mowing the backyard grass and was putting the mower away when here comes Kerry with her towel. She was going to sun bathe while I watered the plants in the garden and planter boxes. She laid out her towel and was removing her top when I started watering. I tried not to look but she was topless, on her back for all the world to see. I was surprised she wore a G-string that day but she was constantly fidgeting with it. I think she was doing it on purpose to get me to look at her. My cock was tenting my shorts so I did my best to keep my back to her but I know she saw it. When I was done, Kerry made a big display of turning over. She was on her hands and knees with her ass pointed right at me. I quickly piled the hose by the faucet and went inside for a drink.

I had to get away from her. I went up stairs to shower and found my clean laundry neatly folded on my bed. My sweats were on top of the stack. I quickly cleaned up and grabbed my keys. I was out the door and in my car heading for the coast. I like driving along the coast to clear my head when I have problems with work. It helps me focus or in this case, forget. I stopped for lunch at a beachside burger joint and had a leisurely meal. By the time I got home, Kerry’s car was gone and I knew I had time to relax.

I was in my office browsing through pictures I’d taken on my trip when headlights flashed in the window. Kerry was home early. I kept sorting the photos into different folders; personal and work. There was a gentle knock and Kerry poked her head into my office.

“Hey John,” she said softly, “You gotta minute?”

“Sure, come on in.”

Kerry was wearing another revealing outfit. Her top was long sleeved and sheer so that you could see her lace bra struggling to hold her large beasts. The micro mini skirt was the same and she wore red thigh highs with her clear platform heels. The flash of red between her thighs told me she at least had some sort of panties on as well. My cock definitely liked what I was seeing.

Kerry walked to the small love seat facing my desk and sat down with her legs crossed. She removed the clips holding her hair back, allowing it to fall around her shoulders and down her back. I wasn’t sure what she was up to but I was hoping it didn’t involve extortion.

“What’s on your mind,” I asked, leaning back in my chair.

She traced her lower lip with a brightly colored fingernail then sat back and gave me that mischievous smile before speaking.

“Did you know there’s a loose board in the hallway outside my room?”

I felt my stomach tighten but I didn’t answer.

“I noticed it when I moved in and Erica was helping me with my things. Every time she walked down the hall toward my room, I could hear a distinct creak beside my bed,” Kerry leaned forward, fixing me with her green eyed gaze, “I didn’t think much of it until the day you got home from your trip. I was masturbating and I heard that unique creak. At first I thought I was mistaken…You know, hearing things in the throes of passion. But when I was done and I got up to go to the bathroom, I heard it again.”

I could feel the beads of sweat forming on my brow as I watched her settle back into her seat and uncross her legs. When she crossed them the other way, it was reminiscent of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. I was staring, like I’m sure she was hoping for. I got another glimpse of red but I could tell it was quite transparent. I swallowed hard.

“So what are you uhmm…getting at?”

“Just thought I’d let you know in case you wanted to fix that in the future,” she replied bouncing her foot and letting her heel dangle from one toe.

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what to do. My eyes kept roaming over her body, not allowing me to think properly. I’m sure that was her intent. She had something else to say and the subject of which could turn into a serious problem. But once again she surprised me with a question.

“Do you like watching me John?”

“Do I what…I mean…I’m not sure what…”

“You know what I mean,” she was leaning forward again, “I saw how you were looking at me when I went outside to sun bathe the day you got home. And then there was the day I was in the hot tub….You couldn’t keep your eyes off me as I made myself cum…”

Hearing her say ‘cum’ made my cock twitch. The wet spot in my shorts was getting larger the longer I listened to her.

“How about the other day when I left for work, your cock looked like it was going to burst out of those pants you were wearing,” I shifted in my seat nervously, “Was that girl in the video you were masturbating to pregnant?”

How did she know about that? She saw me! “WHAT GIRL? Were you spying on me? That’s not…”

“C’mon John…I know you’ve been standing outside my door almost every night this week listening to ME masturbate. I bet you were jerking your cock nice and hard last night by the looks of those sweats I washed for you. So tell me, was the girl you were jerking off to pregnant or not? I couldn’t tell from the reflection in your window standing out there in the hall.”

I did see someone that night! I was seriously busted. I’m not sure how much she was going to ask for to keep this from Erica but I had a feeling it wouldn’t be cheap.

“Alright! What exactly do you want?” my voice was shaky.

Kerry slowly stood up and stepped out of her heels. She made a soft sigh then placed her hands on my desk and leaned toward me. Her breasts threatened to spill out of her bra and captured my attention briefly. I had to force myself to look her in the eye.

“Let’s cut thru the crap, okay John? You’ve got something I want and I’ve got what you want?”

“Listen, I don’t have a lot of cash here at the house…”

“I’m not a prostitute or a black mailer! I don’t want your money. You’re family to me. You’re my brother-in-law; I wouldn’t take money from you like that.”

Okay, now I’m confused. She doesn’t want money but she wants…?

“Unlike my sister, I’m horny a high percentage of the time but with this current pregnancy I’m horny 24/7.”

“Current pregnancy?” the confusion continues.

She made a halting gesture with her hand, “It’s a long story from my past. We can talk about it another time.”


“Where was I? Oh yeah…I love cock. I love pussy…I love whatever gives me pleasure but I REALLY love cock! And I really need to get fucked. The toys I’ve got will get the job done but there’s nothing like the real thing. I know you like pussy and from what I’ve seen lately you NEED some too. The ole ‘rub and tug’ gets old after a while. So why don’t we help each other out?” she beamed a big smile at me.

“So…you want us to have sex together…”

Kerry threw her hands up exasperated, “Of course I want us to have sex! Actually I want you to fuck the shit outta me but you get the point! What do you think I’ve been talking about all this time?”

“What about Erica? Remember your sister who I’m married to? What if she finds out? Besides, you said it yourself, ‘we’re family,’ doesn’t that make a difference?”

“John…It’s just sex! I’m not trying to steal you away from my sister.”

“But what if she finds out?”

“Are you gonna tell her?” I shook my head, “Well neither am I so what’s the problem? Everyone ends up happy.”

She had a point but part of me was screaming, ‘HELL YA!’ while another part was warning of divorce and losing everything we built together. I guess my hesitation was frustrating Kerry. She stepped back from my desk and dropped her soaked panties to the carpet then knelt on the love seat facing away from me. I could see her dripping pussy and how aroused she was.

“Would this make it easier? Come over here and fuck me or I WILL tell Erica you fucked me if you don’t.”

I stood slowly and moved around my desk toward Kerry’s swaying ass. It felt like I was watching a movie and not really about to fuck my sister-in-law. My body was raring to go but my mind was screaming in protest. I stopped a foot or two from her inviting position and dropped my shorts. Kerry’s eyes lit up when she saw my throbbing cock.

“Wow! That is a nice cock,” she purred, “Erica wasn’t exaggerating.”

That statement gave me pause, “She told you about my cock?”

“We’re sisters…We share all kinds of secrets,” that mischievous smile was back, “Now get over here and fuck me!”

I stepped closer and placed my hand on Kerry’s firm round ass. Her tan skin was velvety smooth and I heard a faint sigh from her as I caressed her flesh. My pre-cum slick cock was poised at her drooling entrance and I didn’t think there would be any problem sliding in. I still coated the tip with her slippery juices before pushing it between her nether lips. We both gasped at that first intimate contact. I hadn’t even entered her yet and it felt amazing.

“Take it slow,” she warned, “You’re bigger than I expected.”

She was sure stroking my ego if nothing else. At just over seven inches, I never considered myself all that big but I never had any complaints either. I pushed the head past her tight opening and my knees went weak. She sucked in a breath through clenched teeth so I held still for a moment. There’s something about the first time entering a woman’s pussy that feels so amazing. No two feel the same to me.

After a few moments I sank in deeper. Kerry was unbelievably tight and groaned deeply. I didn’t expect that for some reason. I guess I thought a pregnant woman would be looser, I don’t know why. I was pleasantly surprised at my ignorance because Kerry had the tightest pussy I’d ever felt. Erica is snug but Kerry is TIGHT! The deeper I pushed into her creamy canal the better it got. When my hips were finally stopped by her plump ass, I just held her there, not wanting to move. She was panting and I could feel her grip my cock firmly as she grew accustom to my girth. She rolled her hips side to side and let out a long breath. I could see her looking at me over her shoulder with desperation in her eye.

“I’m ready baby,” she panted, playfully pushing back into me.

That was all I needed to hear. I withdrew and plunged back into her with enough force to knock her boobs from her bra. She gasped but drove back into me with equal force on the next thrust. Her breasts swung freely in her sheer top and I wanted to get my hands on them but I didn’t want to let go of her hips and give up that extra leverage.

I don’t think I made more than a dozen strokes before I came. I was disappointed at my performance in that respect but I enjoyed filling her with my cum. She felt me explode as well as heard my cries but I don’t think she minded because Kerry had an orgasm from feeling me cum inside her tight pussy.

I held myself to her while my cock made its last twitching deposit. Her contractions were pulling at me for more. My legs were shaking and I felt embarrassed I didn’t last longer than a horny teenager. Once my cock began to shrink, Kerry wasted no time spinning around and taking me into her mouth. I was already on the verge of collapse when she sucked and slurped at my flaccid member.

“Mmmmm…I love the taste of my pussy on your cock,” she cooed after releasing me from her hungry mouth. She took me by the hand and led me out of the office, “I’m not done with you yet.”

We went up the stairs and to her room where she had me sit on the bed. She wiggled out of her skirt and pulled her top over her head. The whole time I just sat there and watched. Her useless bra came off and she tossed it aside. She was now all but naked in front of me. Kerry’s heavy breasts hung free with her nipples still stone hard. White goo slid down her thighs and dripped from her cum filled pussy onto the carpet. My eyes roamed over her beautiful pregnant body, taking in every inch; this time without fear or embarrassment. Even now I could feel a fresh stirring in my loins.

“On or off?” Kerry’s voice made me jump.

I looked at her with confusion in my eyes. She lifted her right foot and slid it under my cock and balls then seductively ran her hands up her shapely nylon encased leg.

“Do you want me to leave my stockings on or take them off?” she clarified.

“Leave’em on!” I quickly replied.

She nodded with a lustful smile, “Stay here. I’ve gotta pee real quick.”

She was gone before I could even think of an answer. I saw the black dildo sitting on the far nightstand along with the wand. She sure isn’t bashful about people seeing her toys. By the closet there was a box with more toys including what looked like a strap-on at the top of the pile. I heard the toilet flush followed by water running. Kerry was back in front of me moments later.

She urged me toward the center of the queen sized bed then climbed on top of me. She sat there for a moment just looking at me before bringing her lips to mine for our first kiss. Her lips tasted of strawberry lip gloss as our tongues dueled. She was a very good kisser. The pressure of her swollen belly against me made her sit up again giving me a chance to play with those amazing breasts. I cupped them in my hands, rolling the rock hard nipples between my fingers. Her head went back and she let out a long moan. I brought her left breast to my mouth while my hand kept squeezing and kneading the other. I felt her shudder as more pleasurable sounds escaped her lips.

Kerry rocked her hips, grinding her wet pussy against my rapidly recovering cock trapped between us. She was coating my shaft with her syrupy secretions. I switched tits not wanting to play favorites to either. She continued to purr softly while combing her fingers through my short brown hair. She leaned down to kiss me again so I had to release her angry nipple. The kiss didn’t last long. Kerry sat up and positioned my steely member at her opening. I thought she would slide it in slowly but instead she dropped her full weight down forcibly, rocking her hips again, forward and back.

“OH FUCK…you feel so good inside me,” she shouted, “I’ve needed this for so long.”

She bounced harder. I grabbed hold of her tits and did what I could to give her the maximum amount of stimulation. When she started to shudder again, Kerry went back to aggressively rocking her hips forward and back. It made my cock hammer her G-spot and she came violently again. Her eyes shot wide open as warm liquid oozed across my abdomen and down my balls.

“OH SHIT! I squirted!” she surprisingly announced, “I’ve never done that with a real cock inside me!”

The vice like grip of her contractions felt amazing but I wasn’t getting enough friction to cum just yet myself. No sooner had they subsided with the end of her orgasm, Kerry was bouncing hard again. This was better for me. I bucked my hips to increase my pleasure and triggered another round of grinding from her. She didn’t squirt this time but her orgasm was just as intense. As this orgasm wound down, Kerry collapsed forward, kissing me ravenously. She was panting hard so I decided it was my turn to do the work and rolled her onto her back. I hooked my arms behind her knees and hoisted her stocking legs onto my shoulders; my dick never left her pussy during the move.

“Mmmm…Yes, that’s it!” she growled, “Take that pussy. Fuck it good!”

I didn’t need to be told twice. Kerry needed to teach Erica to talk like that when we’re having sex. It would make things so much more fun. I hammered into Kerry but I kept from getting too rough. That just pissed her off.

“FUCK ME DAMMIT! DON’T HOLD BACK!” she shouted as her nails dug into my ass to spur me on.

I guess the girl in that video wasn’t acting like she wanted a hard pounding and neither was Kerry. I slammed into her with everything I had. She was moaning and wailing, cussing and crying out until she came again. I kept pumping and exploded inside her moments later. I was grunting like an animal each time I thrust forward and shot a stream of hot cum into her pussy. I couldn’t believe how good it felt with her spasming cunt gripping me with such strength.

I collapsed on the bed next to her completely spent. We were both covered in sweat and gulping down air. I hadn’t fucked like that in years. Erica isn’t a ‘dead lay’ but it’s been a while since she fucked me to exhaustion like Kerry just did. I just lay there with my eyes closed, trying to catch my breath.

It wasn’t long when I felt Kerry move on the bed then she took my limp cock into her mouth. I looked down at her happily sucking and licking me clean. She smiled at me then released my cock.

“Did I tell you I love how I taste on your cock?” she grinned, smacking her lips, “Let’s get cleaned up.”

She slid off the bed and pulled me with her. Kerry headed for the guest bathroom but I redirected her to mine. We washed each other thoroughly and had a little more fun as well. I ate Kerry’s pussy for another orgasm and she sucked my balls dry one last time. We ended up back in her bed with Kerry curled up in my arms. I think we were both out by the time our heads hit the pillows.

The next morning I woke, spooned up against Kerry’s back. My right arm lay over her body with my hand resting on her ripe belly. I could feel her steady breathing and knew she was still sleeping. I caressed the smooth skin of her stomach then moved up to cup her right breast. She made a soft murmur but didn’t wake up. I circled her nipple ever so lightly with a finger. I could feel the soft flesh crinkle up into a hard nub which I began to strum and twist gently. Needless to say my cock was hard as steel, wedged into the crack of Kerry’s ass. I slowly rocked my hips making her cleft slippery with my pre-cum.

“Mmmmm…You’re such a tease,” she said in a sleepy voice.

I released her nipple and reached down to lift her thigh. As I did I moved the head of my cock to her wet valley but the moment I touched her there she jumped, barring my way with her hand.

“Easy does it stud,” turning to face me, “She’s a bit tender after the pounding you gave me last night.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” I replied.

“Don’t be, I fucking loved it,” she said lifting her leg higher and grabbing my cock, “I have a better place to help you with this morning wood.”

Kerry rubbed the head carefully along her wet pussy lips then pointed it at her puckered ass. I couldn’t believe this; she was going to let me fuck her ass! I felt the tight ring of muscle relax and she eased the tip in. She sucked air in sharply as she clamped down on my dick. Her hand held me there while she tried to relax again. Between my pre-cum and her juices, there was lots of lube but I didn’t want to hurt her.

“Go easy,” she breathed, “It’s been a while since I’ve done this.” Kerry eased the grip of her hand as the grip of her anus eased.

I pushed in slow, watching the reaction on her face. She was still wincing a bit but once I was all the way in, she gave me a pleasurable sigh. My hand returned to her breast and she moaned. The tension left her body. I didn’t move at first to allow Kerry’s ass to stretch around my girth. When her hips began to move, so did I. Her ass was every bit as tight as her pussy and I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to last. Her fingers fanned over her clit and I could see her biting her lower lip. It looked like she wouldn’t last long either. We were getting into a nice rhythm when her phone began to ring.

She picked up her cell, putting it to her ear closest to the pillow. Her free hand left her pussy and gripped my ass, signaling me to stop. I didn’t move when she spoke.

“Hey sis! How’s the trip?” she asked in a cheery voice; I was petrified.

As I tried to move away, Kerry’s nails dug in deep to my flesh. She shifted the phone and put it on speaker. ‘Was she fucking nuts?’

“The show is busy today,” I heard Erica say; “I stepped away from the booth to take a break and give you a call. How’s things going there?”

“Much better now,” Kerry gave me a wink.

“Are you and John getting along okay?”

“I’d say so, he’s balls deep in my ass right now,” she replied without the slightest hesitation.

My eyes went wide. ‘HOLY SHIT SHE IS CRAZY!’ a voice screamed in my head. Did Kerry think that Erica would take that as some kind of joke? ‘I’m dead,’ was all I could think.

“You pregnant little slut!” Oh boy, here it comes; Erica is about to go ballistic, “You’d better save some of that cock for me. When I get back I’m gonna need it too!”

Wait! What did she say? She didn’t sound mad. I was confused and still uneasy. This couldn’t be happening, but there was more.

“You weren’t kidding when you said John knew what he was doing with his tongue,” Kerry said, “He’s almost as good as you when it comes to eating pussy.”

Time out! What’s going on here? If I understand this right, Erica is okay with me fucking her pregnant sister as long as Kerry doesn’t wear me out. AND my wife has bisexual tendencies AND she’s been having sex with her own sister. My mind was officially blown. I’d have never guessed Erica wanted anything to do with another woman let alone her own sister. What’s next?

“Oh shit, I see Will looking for me. I’ve gotta go,” Erica announced, “Love ya sis.”

“Love you too,” Kerry replied just before Erica ended the call.

I was dumbfounded. I had so many questions I didn’t know where to start. Kerry put her phone back on the night stand and turned to look at me. By the expression on her face, I was expecting her to say, ‘Okay, you can continue fucking my ass now.’ Her nails were still holding me in place but I think I was frozen by shock. I couldn’t move as I tried to make sense of what I just learned.

“WHAT…THE…FUCK is going on?” was all I could get out in a coherent sentence.

Kerry seemed to be at a loss for words. What surprised me was seeing her cheeks flush red. I didn’t think this girl could blush given her wild background. Maybe I needed to clarify the questions.

“Did you and Erica plan this?” I asked, “And she’s your sister, how can you be having sex with her? That’s incest. What the hell…”

“Slow down John,” she tried to calm me, “Take it easy and I’ll explain.” I waited as she collected her thoughts then began, “First of all I was adopted as a baby so Erica and I aren’t blood relatives in any way so technically it isn’t incest.”

Well that explains a lot about the differences between them and I don’t just mean physically. Erica is tall and slim with jet black hair. Kerry is petite and curvy with long blonde hair. But they are also very different personality wise as well; Kerry being wild and sexually care free while her sister is more refined and less open to experimentation in the bedroom. Erica’s whole bisexual thing is a mystery though.

“Erica never told me that.”

“That’s obvious. When I got here I was an emotional wreck. Erica has always been there when I needed her and I needed her. I lost my home and I couldn’t go back to our parents so she took me in. I think she felt sorry for me.”

“I had no idea Erica was into girls either. When did this happen?” I was still reeling for all the revelations, firing questions at her.

“She went to college. She experimented. Do I need to draw you a picture?” I guess not but I never knew after all these years.

“Well then How did you two…You know…”

“I must’ve been keeping her awake at night masturbating to help deal with my situation and my nonstop horniness thanks to the pregnancy. She came into my room here, in the middle of the night as I was fucking myself silly with my dildo and she dove right in. I was shocked at first but she was so good at it I didn’t stop her. It started out with just her going down on me then us going down on each other. I finally broke out my strap-on and we took turns…”

She paused to gauge my reaction then continued, “The bottom line is, you have to make a decision John. Either accept the situation as it is and the benefits that go along with it or pull your dick outta my ass and you and Erica can work out your issues when she gets back.”

That sounded like an ultimatum. I couldn’t really argue this from a moral high ground position. That option went out the door the minute I put my dick in Kerry’s pussy last night. Given what I know now, she was bluffing about telling Erica. I know my baser instincts were telling me to just say, ‘Fuck it and enjoy the ride.’ This kinda shit only happens in porno but here it was happening to me. I had two women willing to share me, how is this a bad thing? Kerry was looking at me with a serious expression when I jerked my hips forward. Her eyes widened in surprise then a lustful smile crept across her lips.

“Mmmm…I thought you’d see it our way,” she purred, removing her nails from my butt.

No matter how weird or twisted this was, my cock never softened. I withdrew and slammed home again, receiving a wanton squeal from Kerry. Her ass gripped me tight and I thrust into her for all I was worth. She was enthusiastically driving back into me as well. Her fingers worked her clit until she suddenly came with a shriek. I could feel her muscles rippling as her orgasm ran its course. I didn’t last any longer either. I pumped my load deep into her bowels while her orgasm mirrored mine. We were a sweaty mess in no time. We lay there panting, clinging together in the afterglow. We didn’t speak for several minutes then Kerry broke the silence.

“Erica wanted to talk to you about all this before she left but…” Kerry trailed off for a moment, “She was scared. She was afraid of how you’d react. Don’t be angry with her.” Kerry gave me a concerned look.

“I’m not really angry. More shocked than anything else. I was frustrated that she and I couldn’t have sex when I got home because of her period thing,” I explained.

Kerry rolled her eyes, “I don’t know what her problem is about that. I’ll have to see if I can help her get past it. Don’t worry; the next time she’s on her period, I’ll take care of all your needs.”

“That’s fine for now but what happens when you’re gone? Aren’t you supposed to be moving in with a friend soon?”

“Yeah…About that,” Kerry replied timidly, “Erica said I could stay here once we were sure you’re okay with this situation. She said she’d talked to you about me staying more long term.”

“Oh she did, did she?”

Kerry looked very nervous.

I chuckled, “I won’t kick you out.”

Kerry kissed me firmly on the lips, letting her tongue plunge into my mouth. After a few minutes of passionate making out, I rolled her onto her back and kissed my way down to her dripping pussy. I caressed her erect clit with my tongue making her gasp. She laced her fingers into my hair and held me in place. I traced a line up one side of her feminine petals and down the other. I inserted two fingers into her wet opening as I fastened my mouth to her clit. Kerry arched off the bed when she was hit by the unexpected orgasm. I sucked and licked the steady flow of juices from her quivering cunt; prolonging her orgasm.

She abruptly pushed me away and I was wondering what I’d done wrong. She lay there panting with her hand over her pussy for a minute or two then looked down at my concerned face.

“I’m really sore right now,” she panted, “You’re amazing at that but we should get cleaned up.”

I didn’t argue and helped her to stand. We went back down the hall to my bedroom to shower. I stopped short and looked at my bed. I studied it for a moment and Kerry looked from the bed to me. She didn’t know what I was doing.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“I’m just wondering if this bed is gonna be big enough for the three of us,” I replied turning to her with a smile.

She took my hand and pulled me toward the bathroom, “We’ll make it work.”



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